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1.   Before his name was changed to Abraham ( Genesis 17:5), what was our main
character's name?
A.  Abram                   B.  Moses                     C.  Elijah

2.  What did God tell Abram to do in Genesis 12?
A.  Be a prophet.
                              B.  Fight against the Philistines.
                              C.  Leave his house and go to a new land.

3.  What did God promise Abram?  I vs 2-3, 7)
A.  To give him the land he had come to.
                              B.  To be made into a great nation.
                              C.  To be a blessing to all on earth.

4.  What sin did Abram commit in Genesis 12 and again in Genesis 23?
A.  Lying                       B.  Stealing                      C.  Killing

5.  What did Abram  give to his nephew Lot?  (Genesis 13)
A.  The place he had left back home.
                              B.  The first choice of his new land.
                              C.  The best part of his land after Abram chose.

6.  Instead of enjoying Abram's gift, what did Lot do?
A.  Moved into the wicked city of Sodom.
                               B.  Played video games.
                               C.  Went back home.

7.  When Lot got into trouble in Sodom, what did Abram do?  ( Genesis 14)
A.  Called the Police.
                                B.  Said good riddance; you got what you deserved.
                                C.  Went and rescued him.

8.  Even though he and his wife Sara were over 90 years old, what did God promise?
A.  A new camel.
                                B.  A cane.
                                C.  A son.

9.  What does Genesis 15:6 say made Abraham righteous before God?
A.  That he never sinned.
                                B.  That he did sin but was a really good guy anyway.
                                C.  That he believed in the Lord.

10.  In Genesis 16, Abram slip up and tries to work things out on his own.  What was
  the name of his other son whose descendants are still enemies of Israel to this
  very day?
A.  Pharoah                 B.  Moab                        C.  Ishmael

11.  When two angels came to visit Abraham in Genesis 18, what promise did they
 confirm to him?
A.  That he and Sarah would have a son.
                                B.  That he and Sarah would go home soon.
                                C.  That he and Sarah would live for another 100 years.

12.  When Sarah heard the promise, what did she do?   (vs 12)
A.  She laughed            B.  She cried                C.  She fainted

13.  What other thing did the angels tell Abraham?   (vs 17-21)
A.  That they were going back to heaven.
                                B.  That they were going to destroy Sodom.
                                C.  That they were going to sing to a group of shepherds.

14.  What did Abraham pray in Genesis 18?
A.   That God would spare Sodom so Lot wouldn't die.
                                B.  That God would keep he and Sarah safe.
                                C.  That God would destroy a few more wicked cities also.

15.  God saved Lot and his family, but when his wife looked back at Sodom, what
 happened?  (18:26)
A.  She fainted.
                                B.  She turned into a pillar of salt.
                                C.  She turned into a ball of fire.

16.  In Genesis Chapter 21, what amazing miracle happened?
A.  The walls of Jericho fell down.
                                B.  The Red Sea parted.
                                C.  Sarah had a son.

17.  What incredible and hard thing did God tell Abraham to do in Genesis 22?
A.  God told him to go back to his homeland.
                                 B.  God told him to build a big boat.
                                 C.  God told him to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice.

18.  What does Hebrews 11:17-19 say that Abraham believed?
A.  That he hadn't heard God's command correctly.
                                 B.  That God could raise Isaac from the dead.
                                 C.  Nothing - he was scared.

19.  What great answer did Abraham give when Isaac asked where the sacrifice
  was?  (22:8)
A.  God will provide a lamb.
                                 B.  God will provide a Himself a lamb.
                                 C.  Don't ask me; I don't know.

20.  Who is the lamb that God provided for us, so we could have eternal life?
          (John 1:28)
A.   Jesus!                     B.  Jesus!                  C. Jesus!!


*******Think about it. How can you remember God and trust Him today?!**********